In ancient times, mutual help and assistance were one of the most necessary conditions for survival. People used to hunt, raise children and build houses together. However, with the appearance of money and market relationships, the attitude towards joint work has slightly changed.

Nowadays such phenomenon as volunteering plays an important role in the life of any society. The reason why volunteering is so popular is directly related to the growing number of social problems. Under the current economic circumstances, many countries simply have no other choice, but to rely on the help from volunteers. This type of assistance rendered by a person or a group of people does not pursue the goal of generating profit, receiving payment or progressing in a career. It can also take various forms: from a simple assistance to the joint efforts of thousands of people aimed at eliminating the consequences of natural disasters or settling conflict situations.

Any person can become a volunteer and devote his or her free time to helping others. The motives of people who are involved with volunteer work are very different. Some are guided by their interests. Others are motivated by the desire to fulfill their social duty. And some just want to gain experience, make friends and travel more. However, the common motivation of all volunteers is the desire to be useful for the people around.

Volunteering stands out from all social activities. By engaging in unpaid help, a person seeks a way to influence the modern society and tries to make it better. Nowadays volunteering is a powerful movement with organizations located all over the world trying to help those in need, regardless of their status, nationality or religion.

Those who are new to volunteering but want to become a part of this big family, often wonder how to start. The more particular question rising in the heads of future volunteers is “how and where to look for volunteering opportunities?” Of course, at the beginning, you might feel lost among all of the volunteer organizations and programs listed online. But we can help you find the very special project which will suit you best.

It is important to understand that volunteering is not a vacation. You will be responsible for the welfare of people, animals or nature during your participation. The best way to contribute is to find a volunteering program where you can use your skills and be the most effective.

In our articles, we describe a lot of volunteering projects, which have open positions at the moment. We also make lists of volunteering opportunities for people of different professions, for example, English teachers. If you want to combine volunteer work with an opportunity to travel, we can help you find projects in particular countries. And those who feel passionate about taking care of animals will find information about places, which invite volunteers to help save the wildlife.

But most importantly, in our articles, we promote and encourage people to use their skills and abilities for the common good. Our goal is to inspire you to try volunteering at least once in your life. And who knows maybe you will not want to stop.

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