Volunteer in Africa

Africa is a vast continent but lies largely in the shadow of poverty, malnutrition, drought, lack of education and civil war. From the Ethiopian famine to the poaching of wildlife in Kenya, Africa has seen it all. Volunteering in Africa has become a major consideration for non-profit organizations around the world.

Different people have different reasons for choosing volunteer work and can vary from a desire to learn new things about new cultures and societies to traveling and being charged through social work and helping humanity. Some people are so devoted to the cause that they have spent their entire life in Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda, Nairobi etc., while others are doing as much as they can. Volunteering abroad and on continents like Africa, South America and Asia can be an enriching experience with almost unmatched satisfaction or fulfillment.

There are various organizations that need volunteers overseas and especially in Africa. Some of the organizations and projects involving volunteers in Africa are:

Cheetah Recoil Program:

This program is being held in Marsabit National Park, Kenya as part of providing opportunities to volunteer in Africa. Cheetahs are the fastest animals on land but too late, due to extensive poaching, the Cheetah population is nearing extinction. The Cheetah program has been specially designed for volunteers who have an interest in wildlife conservation and are willing to travel overseas to Kenya. The requirement is for volunteers in groups of 20 who will be working in a specific area along with several senior research coordinators, game wardens and scientists.

The Azafady Project:

This project is being run by a British charity organization and they need to volunteer in Africa to effectively alleviate poverty, and at the same time enhance and protect the unique and beautiful environment and wildlife. Their volunteer program abroad is two fold. One of these programs is called Pioneer Madagascar and offers volunteers the opportunity to work at the grassroots level and create a system in which environmental degradation and poverty can be fought. The second project is called Lemur Venture which is a lemur conservation project that focuses on protecting lemur populations that are already under threat.

Global Service Corps (GSC):

They are organizations that offer volunteer opportunities abroad and this includes projects in Tanzania, Africa. Their volunteer program in Africa involves participants living with Tanzanians in their homes and learning about their life and culture. The volunteers share their own experiences and culture and through day-to-day interactions educate Tanzanians. Project areas for volunteering include HIV / AIDS prevention, health, creating sustainable agriculture to prevent hunger, working with hospitals, farms, schools to provide information and create social communities.

There are many more organizations offering volunteers the opportunity to visit Africa and make a difference. You can also volunteer in Africa and the benefits are:

You will be able to give something back. There are many people who feel the need to give back to society and are passionate about their cause. If you are such a person then volunteering in Africa programs can give you a great opportunity to pursue such a cause.

If you are looking for a unique opportunity:

There are many projects that focus on people, poverty, social issues, disease or health etc., but not many projects on wildlife and ecosystem conservation. If you are interested in a wildlife conservation project and want to volunteer and pursue a related program, then that will be a unique opportunity that will be rewarding in the end.

If you’re looking for experience:

There are many people who are taking part in volunteer projects abroad to gather the necessary experience for their career goals or to start their own non-profit organization. After all, volunteering in Africa will provide the necessary experience and much more.

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